Exploring new angles from familiar territories, LaDonna by Nathan Honnold and Alex Zhuravlov is an absorbing, peculiar film that’s too cerebral you’ll be hooked.

With a running time of approximately nine minutes, this short film has already created buzz throughout the film circuit with recent selections from Atlanta Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, and a world premiere at SXSW Film Festival.

Witness as an elderly couple (La Donna Allison and Bill Pacer) finds excitement and adventure in their stagnant lives by breaking and entering an abandoned house.

Two of the major strengths of LaDonna is its strong character development and its use of silence. The characters carries the heart and soul of the film in their shoulders. Scene after scene, we are enthralled by the charm and gloominess of the characters.


With brilliant acting and solid storytelling, the film opens our eyes into a dense tangle of thorny morals with, of course, a heartbreaking ending.

LaDonna‘s primary order of business is to create a great premise, interesting shots, and compelling characters that are well worth watching.

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