We’ve been on a slew of indie releases these past few weeks, and it just feels like we need a breather. But before that (hiatus), let us rave on how great William Hawkins‘ release is.

Not much is known about him, since all Google returns is a myriad of unrelated searches, spanning personalities with the same name from the 70s to the present — none of which are helpful on pointing who’s the real one.

We see this as a good opportunity to rather concentrate on the music alone, since, well, it’s the only thing that should matter, right?

His lone and debut EP, Counting on Forever, is a set of easy-listening acoustic compositions that are sure to tug your hearstrings (cheeseball, we know). Moreover, it culls the musical style that shot Jack Johnson, and even Dave Matthews Band, to the top of the AC charts.

Get your ears ready for goodies such as the “Missing You (Crazy)“, “These Dreams Come True“, and darn it, the entire collection.

Can we count on forever for more of these musical treats?

Track listing:
1. Safehearts
2. Back To Us
3. Shoot Me Love
4. Missing You (Crazy)
5. Remember What We Lost
6. Perfect
7. Find Our Flame
8. Through The Dark
9. These Dreams Come True
10. Nothing Wrong
11. Dancing Hearts
12. Counting On Forever

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