Singer-songwriter Mandy Pennington is an artist who has “a lot to say”. Apart from her music, she engages in a variety of pursuits like photography, poetry and writing to express herself, and chooses to be openly interactive with her fans on social media. On her debut EP, Aria, this friendly persona shines through and makes for one of its most charming of qualities.


Mandy’s music has strange way of connecting with its listeners. Though it may only be a neat little collection of four catchy tracks, you come out of Aria feeling like you’ve made a new friend. A part of the answer may lie in Mandy’s minimal and organic style of instrumentation. Her voice, most of the times, is accompanied only by her ukulele and a piano, which adds a sort of intimacy to each song – like you’re hearing an actual person, sitting by you, musically pouring out her feelings rather than a bunch of sounds produced and pieced together in a studAria also makes it quite apparent that Mandy has a knack for relatable lyricism. It’s impossible to not feel the adorable excitement of What’ll I Do, or the passion of Coming Undone.

Favorite Track: What’ll I Do


Track List
1. Lonely Traveler
2. Coming Undone
3. What’ll I Do
4. Aria

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