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Heaps n Heaps: Dancing on the Moon

Get lost on some stellar, layered melodies with Heaps n Heaps‘ Dancing on the Moon. Released last 13 November, this collection features four tracks for easy listening. Heaps n Heaps is lead by the duo of Alisa from Australia, Sydney and Zach from Salt Lake City, Utah. The group is currently based in Los Angeles, chasing their musical dream.

The Record Company: Feels So Good EP

Let the rhythm and blues of The Record Company wash your stale day over. Early this November, the band, which is based in Los Angeles, released their second EP, Feels So Good. The Record Company is a trio composed of Chris Vos, Alex Stiff, and Marc Cazorla. Although their music has been compared to the classic sounds of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, the band has found a way to add a fresh twist to their own music, making them timeless and unique.

Delaca: Delaca

Fusion is the game, and Delaca plays it smoothly [even literally]. Skirting along the neo-soul genre, the quartet — composed of Austin Antoine (vocals), Devon Taylor (bass), Justin Jackson (vocals and keys), and Amir Oosman (production) — is bringing a more laid-back brand of R&B to the table, kind of like the loungey type that dominated the 90′s.

HELLFYRE CLUB: Dorner vs. Tookie

The four rappers currently at the center of the Los Angeles-based Hellfyre Club include Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, and Milo. Hellfyre is known to be a tree that produces competent artists that undeniably dominate the indie hip-hop landscape.

William Hawkins: Counting On Forever

We’ve been on a slew of indie releases these past few weeks, and it just feels like we need a breather. But before that (hiatus), let us rave on how great William Hawkins‘ release is. Not much is known about him, since all Google returns is a myriad of unrelated searches, spanning personalities with the same name from the 70s to the present — none of which are helpful on pointing who’s the real one.