Explore the tropical jungle of indie pop with Modern Rivals‘ 2012 EP Sea Legs. Hailing from Brooklyn, Mickey, Andrew, Alex, Alex, and Erick have been playing music together since middle school.

Featuring four tracks as a sampler to what the band has to offer, the collection explores the territories of sweet tropical dream pop.

This unique sonic brand is evident in the first track Defenestrate You. Dreamy guitar tunes is backdropped in a swirly pop melodies, giving the listeners a kick on their energy level.

With a solid bass thump and spacey atmospheric tunes, Clocks vs. Darts transports us to bright summer landscapes. Press play and let this charming track fill your chill weekend.


What is so striking in this EP is its diversity. You have the slow rock and ambient chimes of Small Bell and the psychedelic, tribal beauty of Riku. Both of the tracks start slow and later blossom into a wondrous splendor that’s light to the ears.

Whether you’re working or on vacation, you need to hear Sea Legs EP. Modern Rivals has created a distinct sound that’s easily digestible—a perfect companion while driving or working.

Track List:
1. Defenestrate You
2. Clocks vs. Darts
3. Small Bell
4. Riku

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