Six-piece band Wood Spider has triumphed in their latest full-length album titled Decadence. The album has ten tracks that features an expansive, yet organic combination of varying instruments from guitar, banjo, ukulele, cello, and a lot more.

Wood Spider consists of Mike Ditrio (banjo/guitar), Alex Krokus (ukulele/glockenspiel), Esteban Silva (accordion), Fanny Rose (cello), Maxwell Lysobey (percussion/violin/saw), and Pete Olynciw (upright bass). According to their Facebook page, the band is signed under Birthquake Records.

Enter a musical jungle with Will We All Stop Growing? Savor a rich flavor of slow percussion, guitar, accordion, and cello that swims smoothly with grungy vocal samples. Flairs of banjo add a folk touch to this eccentric piece.

Verb Fiction charms its way with extending melodies complimented with low, raspy vocals. Press play and let this haunting theatrical song give you the chills.

A personal favorite, Elysian Vows presents a rhythmic celebration of instruments and varying sonic textures. The piece is a curious combination of folk and theatrical/carnival sound, which gives it much character.

The Hag’s Spree clocks in at 10 with an enthralling ensemble of low bass and deep cello melodies. Crisp, clean vocals added with hints of banjo creates a melancholic sound that perfectly ends the whole album.

In Decadence, Wood Spider has gone beyond what’s normal and invented a new approach in music that’s bold, playful, and courageous in blending varying sounds into tracks that blooms slowly in the ears.

Track List:
1. Will We All Stop Growing?
2. Cross-Contamination
3. Hot October
4. Verb Fiction
5. Idealism
6. C’est La Vida Fuerte
7. Depraved Thickets
8. Elysian Vows
9. Empty Home
10. The Hag’s Spree

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