Teeming with sweet folk goodness, Down, Dakota! is Galeb Groh‘s October 2011 release. The collection features four tracks that define Caleb as a melodic folk musician. He won the Boston Music Award for Folk Artist of the Year 2012.

All That Sultry Summer Long opens the album with intricate banjo play-ups and powerful lyricism. Hand-clapping beats and drums blend well with Caleb’s vocal as it digress and escalates into an earthly delivery.


In Matter of Moons, Caleb treats the listener with a heart-meting poem delivered with such intense emotions.

Stirring raw and lively energy is Cairo. Get ready to channel those positive vibes as the percussion-heavy arrangements blooms in your ears.

Despite its brevity, Down, Dakota! is a solid album that’s perfect for the folk lover at heart.

Track List:
1. All That Sultry Summer Long
2. Matter of Moons
3. Cairo
4. Tegucigalpa

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