TV Girl‘s French Exit is more than a debut album. Sure, the 12-track collection aims to introduce TV Girl in the indiescape, but more importantly, it imbibes one of our favorite season—summer.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, TV Girl is Brad Petering, Jason Wymman, and Wyatt Harmon. Released last June, the record explores the themes of lust, too much love, and not enough. Utilizing a lo-fi pop sound, these accessible themes are translated into enjoyable pieces that perfectly balances fizz and chill.

Welcoming the ears with a celebration of instruments is Pantyhose. Put on your flip-flops and sunnies, and get ready to groove your way in cool vocals and laid-back melodies. This song has a comforting energy that calms your senses and lightens up your mood.

Emerging from the same mold as of the previous track, Birds Dont Sing just wants listeners to have a good time. Manipulated vocal samples adds another dimension to this subtle melodic piece.


A standout track, The Getaway combines jazzy soul with indie pop musings. Press play, sip some cocktails, and let this delightful track sway your body in every note. While Talk To Strangers transports the listeners by the seaside on a bright sunny morning. Vintage-y melodies are infused with ambient layered vocals, creating a slow and charming piece for relaxing.

Anjela wraps the album in whimsical acoustic pop goodness. The upbeat, positive tunes combined with bubbly strings makes this track a wonderful piece that the listeners can easily digest.

French Exit is one of the most solid debut albums I’ve heard this year. TV Girl has created a name for themselves and rest assured that a lot of fans will be stayed tune for more upcoming releases.

Track List:
1. Pantyhose
2. Birds Dont Sing
3. Louise
4. Hate Yourself
5. The Getaway
6. Talk to Strangers
7. The Blonde
8. Daughter of a Cop
9. Lovers Rock
10. Her and Her Friend
11. Come When You Call
12. Anjela

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