Better get your “suits” on, because we’re in for a lot of good tunes!

Electro-rock acts are in so much abundance nowadays, you can’t really tell which is which. Luckily, for The Suits, their sound is distinct and sonic enough to stand up among their peers.

The quartet, composed of Eddie Gore, Mike Sanz, Eric Grossman, and Ian Grotton, is hoping to spread the indie pop love from the plum reaches of Bronx to the rest of the world.

The latest EP, Navy, kicks off with the modest synth-pop “Stars”, whose style clearly reminds us of bands such as Grouplove and Foster the People.


Things go trippy come “Give Mary Her Space”, though, as the beats slow down considerably, but not necessarily the fun. We’re also a bit partial to “This Place We Go”, a lite-R&B affair that’s perfect for those romantic dances (at the parking lot, even).

By the time “Take A Ride” hits its last note, we’re left asking for more, which is not bad for a future radio staple.

Track listing:
1. Stars
2. To The End
3. Give Mary Her Space
4. Trifecta
5. This Place We Go
6. Shelf
7. I Need A Surprise
8. Take A Ride

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