Ever heard of a song that makes you go “ladada”? Try listening to the quirky stylings of ladada.

As a project of Baby Josy (we wonder if that’s his real name), he presents his self-titled second effort ladada — a beautiful mess of everything positive, lively, and brimming with phosphorescence under the umbrella term “soda pop”.

The collection starts off with an intro of an fizzly progression that’s equivalent to “coming alive“, a prelude to the germination of something good we’re expecting.

Isn’t it fun to come alive and just be anything you want to be?“, an outdated voiceover says, and is immediately followed by those spunky riffs of “comets“; yes, we’ve entered the realm of awesome.

baby josy

Baby’s vocals malleate itself to take the desired jigsaw piece of each of the beat-driven tracks, something we’ve never heard much since The Beatles. “give it back” is a lost Radiohead B-side, while the surf-ready “coin toss” is a needed update of Blur’s “Song 2”.

Oh yeah, we didn’t want to skip the Smash Mouth imitation “harmony“, a fitting pub joint that’ll have you taking off your boots and heels to get a bit “jiggy” on the wide wooden floors.

The amazing references don’t stop there. We’d prefer ladada over ladadidadee anyday.

Track listing:
1. coming alive
2. comets
3. give it back
4. oh the weather
5. coin toss
6. car in the sky
7. harmony

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