Twin Berlin: Sleazebrain

Rock will, and always be, the go-to music for people wanting to vent out just about anything. Twin Berlin, a three-piece band composed of Matt Lopez, James Janocha, and Sean O’Neil, is bringing their “raw and belligerent music” to all of the FrostWire users and FrostClick readers alike. [And we love it.]

Flowers: When You Lie (Cloudberry EP)

Do you like your own serving of indie music to be grungy? If that’s the case, then UK-based band Flowers is the right choice. Labeling their genre as “noisy pop”, Flowers’ debut EP “When You Lie (Cloudberry)” sounds like a louder version of Camera Obscura. Most likely, with much emphasis on the ‘obscura’ part.

I Am The Agent: Volume One

'I Am The Agent is an alternative rock band from Newcastle/Central Coast of NSW, Australia. In their EP, Volume I, this band conveys a hauntingly beautiful and delicate sound which is achieved through a soft, clean and crisp guitar style and simple, emotional and gentle vocal melodies. Keeping this in mind, the band does not shy from taking things up a notch from time-to-time. All of these elements make it difficult to dismiss I Am The Agent into a specific and accurate category within the alternative rock genre. Furthermore, There is definitely a grunge element to this music and in some songs, this band reminds me of Nirvana. Specifically, the song Leave reminds me of Nirvanas song Polly from their album Nevermind.

Mudskills: Mudskills

Rock alternative indie rock that comes in fast and hard. Apart from a short bio and the name of its band members, information about this band is a bit elusive. Essentially, Mudskills is made of Eleonora Rocca on vocals and guitar; Mirko Deiana on guitar; Marcello Pabiri on drums and Allessio on bass. On certain instances, they are joined together by Andrea Puddu on drums and Emanuele Orru on bass. Mudskills is a hard rock act that showcases plenty of grunge influence. Although it's not entirely a gem, the album does hold some noteworthy tracks that any grunge lover would enjoy. It's worth checking out if you have a taste for loud rocking tracks.

Confusion is Next “The Generation of this Order” – band’s third release under Creative Commons License

Confusion is Next is a four-person alternative rock band. The band, which takes its name from a lyric by Sonic Youth, was established in Monza, Italy in 2004, and has since created and released three albums. Their first album, "Spread the Spirit," was released in 2005, while their second album, "Lost in Dark Days" was released in 2008. Their latest release is "The Generation of This Order," which contains five new songs (in English). The album is now available for free download on the Spanish netlabel Trastienda.