You have your soul albums, and then you have your neo-soul ones.

On the upper echelon of the latter (in our opinion, ‘course) is Zaimah‘s latest release, The Collective, a mixtape EP which serves as her return to form after a two-year hiatus. Well, it was worth the wait!

Zaimah means “leader”, and her goal of delivering “conscious music” is slowly bearing fruit, especially since the 9-track offer boasts some pretty cool and heady tunes.

Hitting the collection off is a whole-hearted ode to God via the light “He Holds My Hand“, a gospel jam that warrants a listen both with a ministry and in an urban playlist.


The next few tracks get to the goods: “Need Hit“, featuring Quadir Lateef, is a bitter tune about a girl not taken seriously, “ALLOW IT” is our heroine’s acceptance of the pain, and “Run-On Sentence” is a ‘figuring out’ of sorts about the art of moving on.

Definitely, the staff is partial to the Peter Cetera-sampling “Words To Live By“, Zaimah’s dedication to her two sons. This may be the most inspiring set of songs we’ve reviewed yet.

Food for the soul? This up-and-coming songstress has it all for us.

Track listing:
1. He Holds My Hand
2. Need Hit (feat. Quadir Lateef)
4. Around My Way
5. Run-On Sentence
6. Words To Live By
7. Radio Snippet 2: Happy
8. Consciousness
9. Need Hit

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