Big vocals? Check. Catchy beats? Check. Undeniable swag? Oh, that one won’t be forgotten.

Upon hearing the first few notes of Jennifer Meade‘s EP, Loveville, you can quickly tell that this girl’s got the pipes to last her through a lifetime. A lifetime of entertaining us, that is.

Her harmonies flit through those of Mary J Blige’s (almost identical, actually), dashed with some Alicia Keys, and splashed with the stylings of Beyonce.

Aye, we dare make these comparisons, because, well, the Montreal-based talent kind of deserves it, really. [Comma overload here. Tons of feelings for such a short EP.]

Hoping to capture the sentiments of the underdogs everywhere, Meade opens the collection with the brassy “Can The Real You Stand Up.” As the title suggests, it’s all about asserting yourself in every aspect — relationships, society, yourself — the ideal R&B fodder that’s sure to get the crowd roaring.

Jennifer Meade

The songstress does a superb move of transitioning to sentimentality on “Untraceable,” a parting anthem that mirrors the 2006 hit “Irreplaceable”, though more positive and encouraging to the former partner referred to.

So Small,” a cover of the 2007 Carrie Underwood song, has Jennifer dabbing into country territory, where her voice surprisingly fits onto. The production might not be as ambitious as the first two tracks, but it sinks back to basics to flesh out the inspiring message of the tune — which should be the case.

Surely, Jennifer Hudson won’t be the last of these Jennifers to stomp off to the spotlight.

Track listing:
1. Can The Real You Stand Up
2. Untraceable
3. So Small

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