There’s a good chance that the name of rapper Wreckonize, from Florida, may sound familiar to some readers. The artist is a member of the hip-hop group ¡Mayday! and was also the winner of MTV‘s MC Battle back in 2003. With a prolific rate of output and exhibiting a passion in his work that never dwindles, the rapper shows no sign of stopping in his climb to the top. His mixtape, The Rooftops, from 2013 is just one of many jewels in his discography.

The music of Wreckonize possesses an unfiltered, in-your-face attitude that would be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of Run the Jewels. As he delivers his verses, his tone is both menacing and jovial. And his flow, much like his mentor Tech N9ne, is rapid and intricate – the best example of which one may find on Highway Freestyle. But to think that Wreckonize’s music is only about precision and technique would be an injustice. As tracks like Silent Partner and Pain shall prove, melodies and soulful hooks enjoy as great a spotlight on the mixtape as flashy rhyme schemes and wordplays. As we move forward, though the project’s humongous 22-track running time, we see the artist freestyling over iconic beats like MF DOOM and Madlib‘s Meat Grinder and ASAP Rocky‘s Goldie, injecting them with his own distinct rap style.

Favorite Tracks: Tom Hanks, Silent Partner

Track List
1. Intro 01:43
2. Vantage Point 04:04
3. Higher Freestyle 03:12
4. Tom Hanks (Feat. Bernz) 03:42
5. Green Funyuns 03:33
6. Mighty Healthy Freestyle 03:23
7. Silent Partner (Feat. J. Nics & Ryan Evans) (Prod. by Matt Harris) 04:06
8. Look At Me Now Freestyle 02:02
9. Deep Fried (Prod. by Achilles & Outer Space Eddie) 02:56
10. Goldie Freestyle 02:55
11. If You Wake Up (Interlude) 01:21
12. Pain (Feat. Blueprint) 04:50
13. Mayday & Chardonnay 02:42
14. Leo Getz (Feat. Rittz) 04:06
15. Start It Up Freestyle 02:49
16. One Too Many 04:02 video
17. Grand Master Larceny Signs Off (Skit) 01:02
18. Ohh (Feat. Joell Ortiz & Rudi Goblen) 04:03
19. Of The Devil 03:58
20. Good Good Night Freestyle 02:00
21. Don’t Stop The Music 04:03
22. Dear Suicide (The Finale) (Prod. by DJ Burn One) 05:05

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