Before rebranding as the now-popular rap collective Brockhampton, rapper Kevin Abstract and his mates operated under the short-lived moniker AliveSinceForever. It all began when Kevin made a post on an online forum searching for members to form a rap group. Fellow Los Angeles rappers Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon and Mic Kurb promptly responded and thus the seeds were sown for the group’s only release under the AliveSinceForever title – The ASF EP.

The music on The ASF EP shows signs of every quality that the Brockhampton boys have now come to be known for, whether its their flamboyance or their eccentricity or their cheeky youthfulness. Over the record’s 8 tracks, we are given an adequate introduction to each of the group’s artists and their personas. While Kevin handles most of the melodies and the hooks, Ameer Vann and Don McLennon rap with a distinct old-school boom-bap influence. Mic Kurb’s verses, meanwhile, remind strongly of the vibrance of early Kanye West albums.

Despite the record’s scant 25-minute runtime, the group successfully displays a variety of styles and influences, offering something for every type of rap fan. Sweet sensitive tunes like Silent Water are contrasted with harsh and abrasive soundscapes like on Rabbits and Chronicles of a Fuck. Killing Me (In The City) Remix boasts a glitchy, EDM-inspired beat while Round 2 is an infectious throwback to the soulful pop-rap of the early 2000s.

Favorite Tracks: Ian Mad, Killing Me (In The City) Remix, Round 2, Rabbits

Track List
1. Kevin Abstract – Ian Mad 04:15
2. Kevin Abstract – Silent Water (Featuring Ameer Vann) 04:26
3. Deon – Killing Me (In The City) Remix (Featuring Dom McLennon) 04:42
4. Dom McLennon & Mic Kurb – Pizza Time 03:00
5. Mic Kurb – Round 2 02:44
6. Kevin Abstract – Chronicles Of A Fuck 01:53
7. Kevin Abstract & Dom McLennon – Angels 04:00
8. Ameer Vann – Rabbits (Featuring Kevin Abstract) 02:01

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