The Human Experience: Inaudible Sounds

If you’ve never heard of a thing such as “inaudible sounds”, then you might have been barking up the wrong tree, all these years. Despite the paradox that it presents, David Block’s project, The Human Experience, offers plenty of these. He musters his skills as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a producer to create a cross-genre instrumental collection for all of us to revel in.

Old Man Wizard: Unfavorable

I might be a huge, huge pop fan, but I know a good rock band when I hear it. Such is the case with Old Man Wizard, whose “rock” label isn’t only for show, but is also here to debunk everyone who’s pretending that they are.

James Rabbit: Express

Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, James Rabbit is a mishmash band playing several various instruments ranging from keyboards, trumpets, flutes, trombones, and even xylophones. With Tyler Martin, the bands front man and vocalist singing with a playful voice, the group offers a very colorful west coast pop music. Express is a twelve track collection of the bands songs for the past five years selected by band members and friends covering eight previous albums.

Cruiser: Cruiser EP

Don't you just love carefree beach music? Cruiser brings us closer to the waves and sand with its latest self-titled EP. Hailing from Philadelphia, Cruiser is a solo project of Andy States and was produced by States himself and Jeremy Park (producer of Lagoon�s The Year of Hibernation). Released last May 28, 2012, this collection offer six tracks that is certainly meant to make you feel good. The beat drops in The Fritz. Beachy guitars and ethereal vocals establish a strong sonic backbone for the whole album. This infectious track is certainly worth repeats.

Alexx Calise “Morning Pill” – an energetic rock album with amazing vocals now promoted on FrostWire

"Delivering a sound that is both fresh and uniquely her own, Calise combines hard rock, grunge, and urban-edged pop with crunchy guitars, angsty lyrics, and an instantly identifiable vocal that is hauntingly beautiful and completely raw all at once." Her strong personality and undeniable musical talent has already earned Alexx multiple corporate endorsements and her songs have been featured on TV, even though she is just starting with her debut album "Morning Pill".