Switzerland-based label Chikyu-u Records have proven themselves time and time again as a force to be reckoned with on the underground electronic scene. This is in no small part due to their ability to identify and join forces with some of the most talented up-and-coming producers around the globe. Their releases are often amalgamations of different nations and styles, all working together to generate that polished feel Chikyu-u releases are known for. CHIVA01 is the natural progression of their multi-national approach. Bringing seven tracks, each from a different country in either Europe, Asia, or Australia, the result is a wonderfully dancey 35 minutes, filled with exciting ideas and crunchy beats, not unlike those of the renowned House music clubs powering the nightlife across the major metropolises of the world.

Putting on a comfortable pair of sneakers along with your best outfit is highly recommended prior to pressing play. These tracks will have you dancing with your ears and mind open in no time, although the tracklist has been considered kindly enough to allow for a sweet warm-up in the opening cuts, perfect for the shy dancers or newcomers to the genre. The German Kerinnis opens the record with Professor Wang, a deeply melodic tune seemingly easing listeners into the action through a delightful bass line worthy off all your attention. Vaux gives the green light for full-on dancing through a subdued, trance-inducing stunner with Little Groove – he’s just being modest with the title. Franche, however, spends no time with subtleties and goes straight into the thick of it with the hard-hitting What’s in There, letting his French pedigree shine when it comes to House music. Vaux is the only artist to feature twice, following up with the steady beat of Alone. Marc Feel brings a more experimental vibe to the table with It Moves before SouldFi delivers the stellar, almost-ambient ethereal sound of Beauty of Revolution. By now, the experience feels complete, but Chikyu-u Records just had to give us one more and bring Japanese maestro Taro Asama, along with Australia’s R.M, channeling the fantastic grove of Prog. House figures such as Shingo Nakamura with Being in the Darkness.

The one fault you could give to CHIVA01 is how it leaves you wanting more after its 35-minute run time, searching for the next collection of tracks to continue its joyful vibe. It delivers in spades, and fans of electronic music, particularly House, should not let this opportunity pass them by. The album is free to download in uncompressed formats for your delight, so go out there and give Chikyu-u Records and their partners in crime the love they deserve.

Favorite tracks: Professor Wang, What’s in There, Beauty of Revolution, Being in the Darkness.


1. Kerinnis – Kerinnis – Professor Wang 05:37
2. Vaux – Vaux – Little Groove 05:52
3. Franche – Franche – What’s In There 04:59
4. Vaux – Vaux – Alone 06:24
5. Marc Feel – It Moves 05:40
6. SoulFi – SoulFi – Beauty Of Revolution 05:09
7. Taro Asama & R.M – Taro Asama & R.M – Being In The Darkness 09:46

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