Say Goodbye Isabell reminds me of a poem brought to life with the help of moving images. This six-minute short film by Natalie Figueroa under Ofokus Frilans Film-Produktion is a Swedish indie drama with some gorgeous experimental elements.
It tells the story of a paralyzed girl trapped in her own makeshift world, dying without even knowing how to live.

The film is artistic and strangely hypnotic with scenes transporting you to a lucid dream where nature and glares of sunlight blur the eyes. The sequences are brilliantly transitioned, at one point you find yourself floating over rolling greens and then you are brought back to the cruel sadistic reality.

The irony is dispersed everywhere, whether it’s a husky man dressed in lace, an overflowing glass of milk or an empty picture framed with blood. These strong symbolisms evoke an emotional turmoil of the girl’s resentment, pain and longing. One of the most powerful images, however, is the scene where the girl (in one of her dreams) buries a book that had given her the power of imagination. Here, the main character shifts from a dreamer to a realist.

The camera work for this film is divine considering that it was not produced for the main-stream audience and was shot using a regular 18-55mm lens. The director’s natural talent and clear vision produced a mesmerizing and impressive achievement.

In the end, Say Goodbye Isabell is a majestic film that explores the questions of life and existence. It’s an exquisite piece of impressionistic art that bewilders viewers to immerse themselves in its sheer beauty.

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