Jennifer Meade: Loveville

Big vocals? Check. Catchy beats? Check. Undeniable swag? Oh, that one won’t be forgotten. Upon hearing the first few notes of Jennifer Meade‘s EP, Loveville, you can quickly tell that this girl’s got the pipes to last her through a lifetime. A lifetime of entertaining us, that is.

Nuela Charles: Aware [Sampler]

We know that’s already a given, but a sampler might add to your assurance of having an incredible album from Nuela Charles. The Canadian crooner released her full-length feature, Aware, last October 2012, to digital retailers, but still left a little gift for those who aren’t keen on buying yet: a 4-track taste test of the album featuring good chosen cuts.

Wynter Gordon: Doleo

To paraphrase Ned Stark’s prediction, “Wynter is coming.” Wynter Gordon, that is. After releasing her debut album, the underrated gem With The Music I Die, in 2011, the singer-songwriter is currently busy with her Human Condition EP series, the first of which is last year’s Doleo.

Neon Hitch: Happy Neon

While everyone is waiting for Beg, Borrow, and Steal, it might be a good option to check out Happy Neon first. Neon Hitch, the self-proclaimed gypsy who’s slowly making waves in the hip-hop world as the new “it” collaborator, shows a soulful side via her new EP. She glides through existentialism in style, thanks to the eclectic harmonies by producer Happy Perez.

Lili K: My Favorite Things

Want us to name some of our favourite things? Well, we got one: it’s Lili K.’s newest EP – My Favorite Things. 22-year-old Lili K. has been making waves in the Chicago music scene with her unique flair of music, which she wittily dubs as ‘neo-soul’. True to her word, her smooth vocals hearken to the days of Ashanti’s “Unfoolish”, fusing them with catchy hip-hop beats.

Child Actor: Partner

If you think a union between R&B and electronica is impossible, then you might need to rewire your hearing. Fake Four Records’ new act, Child Actor, has come up with one of the most amazing R&B projects ever, and yes, it pertains to what I said above. Intermingling synth pop with rhythmic percussion beats, their debut EP Partner has set the stage on what was to become their trademark sound.