I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that Get Olde from up-and-coming indie group Crying might just be the best 8-bit indie rock you’ll hear in months.

Hailing from New York, Crying consists of Elaiza Santos (vocals), Ryan Galloway (guitar/game boy), and Nick Corbo (drums). In this seven-piece collection, the group introduces a fresh new way to appreciate chiptune. Their sound’s distinct, quirky attitude is infectiously addictive.

Teasing the ears in a strange yet funny energetic way, Bloom is a groove-inducing rock piece embellished with charming female vocals set in gritty 8-bit electro melodies.

Pump up your spirit in Bodega Run. Get lost in the middle of upbeat, electro melodies, which swims in between videogame-ish tunes and relaxed vocals.

Rat Baby gets my vote as the standout track. Seconds within the song and you’ll be treated with highly-contagious melodies that brims with a bright, positive vibe. While ES closes up the album in fresh Gameboy melodies with a steady drum tempo. Elaiza’s vocals stands out in this piece as it blends well with the smooth, relaxed arrangement.

Crying is a new group in the indie block that deserves the praise and following it gets. In Get Olde, the band introduces a novel approach that will surely attract a hefty core following. So press play, listen, and indulge in this album’s 8-bit goodness.

Title Track:
1. Open
2. Bloom
3. Bodega Run
4. Rat Baby
5. Vacation
6. Olde World
7. ES

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