Recently named as one of the ‘9 record labels you should know about’ by Nashville Lifestyles, Ready Set Records, an independent record label, releases their most exciting collection yet titled Here, Hitty Hitty.

The album features a pleasurable mix of old favorites and new tracks from a promising list of artists such as Trent Dabbs, Sugar + The Hi-Lows, Elenowen, Young Summer, and KID.

Opening the album is KID‘s new single Breathe No More that rehashes alternative rock by adding some dashes of hip-hop swag and grainy, vintage vocal samples. The track is sexy and sharp at the same time, creating an eargasmic experience even on first play.

Young Summer contributed two tracks to this collection, Taken and Blood Love. Taken treats some electro pop lovin’ with smokey atmospheric arrangement set on a background of rhythmic beats. While Blood Love, which was featured on ABC’s hit series Revenge, pumps up more bass and energy with low-key electronic beats while gritty sharp vocals reverberates in the ears. Blood Love projects a youthful pleasure to its tune, but still with a flair of dark maturity, creating something that combines the beauty of Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding.

While Elenowen‘s Half A Mile takes us back to country landscapes with pure county rock tunes ladden with well-penned verses. Sugar & The Hi-LowsSee It For Yourself elevates surf rock with solid riffs and polished vocals that do not try too hard to evoke that chill, effortless vibe.

A Thousand Nights by Trent Dabbs closes the album in a spacey, ambient piece that’s embellished with layered vocals that builds in an enthralling and calming track.

Here, Kitty Kitty combines great tracks from a myriad of talented alternative artists, creating an album that pairs artistry with impeccable musical taste.

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