FM Pilots, from Oklahoma, is a pop quartet that is preceded by a longer list of credentials than an average group of indie-pop novices. Composed of long-time pals Nick Whitaker, Joshua Kephart, Joe Blanck, and Cody David, the band has already landed spots at SXSW, Oktoberfest and the Vans Warped Tour alongside major acts like Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic and Hot Chelle Rae. Looking back at the record that began their journey, all of FM Pilots’ accolades seem well-deserved.

The music of FM Pilots treads a fine line by being ‘pop’ enough for the masses and also ‘indie-rock’ enough to be fresh and intriguing. Following the road paved by artists like Twenty One Pilots and Panic At The Disco, the band packs each tune with relatable and heartfelt lyrics, upbeat rhythms and, most importantly, relentlessly catchy hooks. Frontman Nick Whitaker‘s vocals convey the perfect blend of youthfulness and sentimentality, while his guitar enjoys an equally substantial spotlight. The most raw and touching track on the EP is inarguably the cool and mellow Counting Costs – a song penned by Nick right after he came home one night to find his long-time girlfriend gone with all her belongings.

Favorite Tracks: Counting Costs

Track List
1. No Time to Waste
2. Brighter
3. Eyes Open
4. Counting Costs
5. We Belong

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