Victoria Canal pushes the boundaries of pop soul all the way from Madrid, Spain. This songstress has mastered the technique of utilizing varied influences — from modern to old — to create a well-crafted piece that aims to give a fresh take on a well-loved genre.

Featuring five tracks, Canal offers lnto the Pull. The collection is a fearless attempt to create a collection that will pique curiosity as well as satiate discerning taste of music aficionados seeking new sonic pleasure.

Canal’s boldness and pursuit to break away from conventions are present in her first track, Unclear. The song opens with vintage hip-hop samples that are integrated with classical piano melodies. The pair arrangement may seem hard but surprisingly managed to blend them up without sacrificing listener enjoyment.

Wolves transports Canal into an era of soul and pop that seamlessly merge together, churning out crisp lines. The song’s arrangement gives way and backs up Canal’s voice. Meanwhile, Not A Girl is a somber, charming piece that utilizes classical piano keys to strong vocals.

All in all, Canal’s Into The Pull is supercharged with sheer talent and balance to create a collection that will appeal to various listeners inside and out.

Track List:

1. Unclear
2. Wolves
3. City Shoes
4. Not Afraid
5. Little Girl

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