The FrostWire team has worked long and hard to deliver the mobile version your favorite file sharing software to you. Now, they have finally taken the Beta off the software and introduced the application to the Android Market.

FrostWire for Android is the first mobile application that allows you to search, browse and share files locally and over the Internet using your Wi-Fi connection in a P2P fashion.

Here are some of it’s features:
– search & download files from millions of devices
– browse the files of your closest peers (about 20 right now)
– download files from others or suggest a file from your device for everybody to download (ever been in a party and took some great pictures everybody else just had to have? If all your friends have FrostWire, it’s really easy to share! No uploading to a website or attaching to email necessary!)
– Publish files to your favorite Social Networks (there are other apps dedicated to this, but if you just got a hot file from your friend, you are not going to want to switch apps and search your drive)
– Public P2P Chatroom with file sharing features (awesome if you have questions or just want to chat with some strangers!)
– Send private messages with attached files (that was the one I was waiting for the most – to be able to send somebody a file without attaching it to an email or having have to copy it to the computer is just a lifesaver! remember the hoops you had to jump through to send a file that was too big to attach! no more hassle!)
– Absolute control of what you share (you can share everything or decide not to share some things by file type or on file to file basis)
– Browse and rename your own files (I think it works even a bit better than the file browser included on the Android. There are other applications that fill in that hole, but FW just does it for you in addition)
– Auto-updates

The mobile version of FrostWire still operates in a P2P fashion, but connects only to other mobile devices running Android operating system (other phones & tablets). Nevertheless, with a third of all smartphones sold in US in a second quarter of 2010 running Android, the number of possible devices is quickly increasing. Can you think of a friend that ditched the iPhone for a new shiny Android?

All in less than 400Kb – the team is just getting started. It is fresh out of Beta and with some heavy usage, you might find some bugs, but it is well worth your download and time. It quickly became one of my most used apps on the Android.

The FrostWire team has also given everybody the right to choose whether or not they want to pay for the software. The desktop app has always been and always will be a free application, but with the mobile one, you can choose to get it free from the FrostWire website or to pay for it and support the team’s effort on the Android Market. If $4.99 is bit too much, you can always donate by clicking on Love FrostWire? in the apps preferences and donate whatever amount you want through paypal or order stickers and support the team that way.

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