Childproof is the second album produced by Quiet People. The album is fun, quirky for an experimental rock.

Experimental pop rock at its finest. Childproof is a track where their electric guitar riff’s dominates. Uncanny and exciting, this song features a saucy and distinctive vocals.

How Do I Love Thee will definitely catch your attention. Aside from its formal language-title, How Do I Love Thee is the sweetest track among the album. Here the singer’s vocals changes to angelic and still maintains its edginess. Minus the loud drums, electronic guitar, this track is a beauty behold.

In Death of a Salesman, we are in for a rebellious and edgy music. But just like any Quiet People’s songs, the vocals is highly commendable. It is experimental and very original track. The ups and down energies of the song is a treat.


Pretending is a sentimentally pop-rock song that will charm its way to your heart. Vocals is very melodious than the usual. Chorus part is definitely the catchiest, as the music from guitars and drums blended in a fun, unique way.

Childproof is an eight-track album by Quiet People that gives a quirky eargasm that will be appreciated by all.

Track List:
1. Childproof
2. Wanting to Wake
3. Slowly Breaking
4. How Do I Love Thee
5. Lonely Ones
6. Death of a Salesman
7. Bruised Eared Boy
8. Pretending

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