Drum With Our Hands, a DIY record label from North Wales, delivers a hefty musical snack for all of those on the quest to find new favorite artists. Sampler#1 is packed with tracks from their collection of artists, this collection offers the best of the best from the record label.

Starting things up is Let the Wind Blow by Camera. Thirty seconds on the track and you’ll surely get the impression that Drum With Our Hands is not just another record label with its high taste for polished music. This sweet indie rock track is an fires our energy level with upbeat guitar and drums accompanied with steady vocals that’s not too loud to the ears.

Baby Brave and the Love Bites samples the audience with their vintage-y music with Take Your Castle to Spain. This instant favorite, which was already featured in FrostClick, has that saccharine pop vibe reminiscent of Camera Obscura.

From fun, upbeat pop, we detour to ambient electro music in Rachel Lloyd‘s Calling. Press play and let echoing vocals give you a psychedelic high.

The album closes up with The Shame by Orient Machine, a cohesive and solid grunge rock piece that aims to fire up those sleepy souls.

In this sampler, Drum With Our Hands has displayed all its aces in one sonically pleasing album. The artists featured in this collection are brimming with talent, making this a must-hear for those seeking for fresh, new tunes.

Track List:
1. Camera – Let the Wind Blow
2. DRKMTR – Unknown
3. Baby Brave and the Love Bites – Take Your Castle To Spain
4. Rachel Lloyd – Calling
5. Matt Nicholls – John Riley
6. James Macgregor – Dancing With You In My Head
7. Orient Machine – The Shame

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