Tired of office chitchat? How about giving yourself a quick “me” time and listen to How’d They Get Up There? by Save The Arcadian.

Boasting with a ten-track spread, the Fredericksburg-based band of Will McCarry, Sam Ridgers, Russel Michelson, Jake Dellinger, and Bryan Chase offers some lovely pop tunes that will surely enliven that weary soul.

Kicking things off is On Parade, a short album setter that sets the overall tone of the collection. It’s embellished with saccharine piano keys and reflective lines.

Quirkiness and chimes go hand-in-hand in I Won’t Call. Press play and let this whimsical arrangement serenade your ears.

Liar! sounds like it just came out in the fun pop machine as its upbeat, hand-clapping tempo offers some energy boost. A personal favorite, Dance Floor starts with a slow blend of cello and piano keys building into a rhythm-heavy arrangement that pauses and escalates in all the right places.


Adventure closes the album in a charming note as cello and wonderful humming lace up this engaging love song.

This collection is a polished, creative step for Save The Arcadian. The tracks here brims with innovation in terms of instrumentation that will appeal to lovers of endearing pop music.

Track List:
1. On Parade
2. I Won’t Call
3. Liar!
4. Walrus
5. Pink
6. Ride
7. Dance Floor
8. Olive
9. Always Yours
10. Adventure

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