Indie rock quintet, HANNAH, from Simi Valley, California has been making music since 2015. With only two singles, and a single EP to show for themselves till yet, the band has managed to make an indelible mark in their local music scene. And on listening to Love May Find Us, the band’s preference of quality over quantity only gets clearer.

HANNAH‘s style can be best described as soft, velvety pop-rock music backed by some ornate post-punk instrumentation. All through the EP, and especially in the first-half, we notice tan impressive mastery over melody. Each pristine guitar lick and most of the hooks seem carefully designed to grip and mesmerize listeners. And the vocalist’s passionately delivered croons and howls only heighten the experience. As another testament to HANNAH’s musicianship, there lingers a dense, melancholic tension on each track – a result of the band’s steady and pulsing post-punk rhythms and the mellow guitars that often climax into loud, fuzzy chord progressions. HANNAH, in fact, are a perfect antithesis to the cheesy, overly-dramatic pop-rock and pop-punk bands we see coming up every now and then, making a teenage sob-fest out of every track they record. Yes, HANNAH’s music is emotional, but their emotions are tasteful and subtly presented, which makes all of the difference.

Favorite Tracks: Jasmine, Blurry Eyed

Track List
1. Jasmine 04:16
2. New Trance 04:14
3. Sleepy 02:54
4. Blurry Eyed 04:17
5. Bummed 04:05
6. Soft, But Lavender 04:36

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