Ignite your senses with electro R&B melodies packed with a lot of soul in Jordan Corey‘s latest release titled All That.

Featuring 12 tracks, the collection encapsulates an unusual myriad of flavors — soul, R&B, electro — while still creating that perfect balance to deliver a fresh eargasmic experience. Los Angeles-based songstress Jordan Corey pulls this unique blend of sound from various contemporary and ’90s influences.

Corey’s distinct brand of soul and movement is greatly reflected in the title track, All That. Here, the artist welcomes the ears with luscious, chill electro melodies that vibrate through Corey’s crisp yet soulful vocals.


Your Shore opens up with a crossover of a spoken intro and funky arrangement of beats and keys. Corey makes this piece an extension of herself by delivering well-written lines in a lustful, mystic fashion.

Meanwhile, Focus utilizes layers of rhythms and coos that serve as background to Corey’s soulful vocal fringe. The interplay between Corey and the backup sound set a vibe of playfulness and sheer originality.

In All That, Jordan Corey has successfully managed to veer from traditional. The 12 tracks on the album mirror her continued passion to seek new and exciting flavors while, at the same time, maintaining a relaxed, easy-listening sonic experience.

Track List:
1. All That
2. Your Shore
3. Float
4. Rewind
5. Focus
6. Stoned
7. All That (Live)
8. Your Shore (Live)
9. Float (Live)
10. Rewind (Live)
11. Focus (Live)
12. Stoned (Live)

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