Juleah: Entangled And Entwined

Ever heard of a record that’s gorgeously enchanting and calming? That’s how we feel about Juleah‘s third entry into the psychedelic rock canon: Entangled and Entwined. Compared by NME Radar to “the wavering vocals and instrumentation of Mazzy Star” and the “anthemic drive of Ride”, Austrian Julia Hummer successfully marries the much-hyped shoegaze genre and folk rock in dreamy ways we didn’t expect.

Dumbo Gets Mad: Elephants At The Door

To master the sound of a certain era is not an easy task to do, but Dumbo Gets Mad, a one man (with a occasional help of a girlfriend's amazing voice) psychedelia project straight from Italy, is definitely on the right track. Experimenting with old-fashioned tape machines and analog synthesizers, this solo act brings its unmatched psychedelic melodies and noises to keep you daydream of a sunny coast of California even on the worst of North's winter days.