Juleah: Entangled And Entwined

Ever heard of a record that’s gorgeously enchanting and calming? That’s how we feel about Juleah‘s third entry into the psychedelic rock canon: Entangled and Entwined. Compared by NME Radar to “the wavering vocals and instrumentation of Mazzy Star” and the “anthemic drive of Ride”, Austrian Julia Hummer successfully marries the much-hyped shoegaze genre and folk rock in dreamy ways we didn’t expect.

Tiger Choir: Unicycles

They might not “roar” but this group of tigers is still a killer act to follow. Without hesitation, we’d like to introduce you to Hobart-based (that’s in Australia) quartet Tiger Choir. Just like a choir should, expect solid harmonies to dominate their songs, as is in their latest release, Unicycles.

Old Man Wizard: Unfavorable

I might be a huge, huge pop fan, but I know a good rock band when I hear it. Such is the case with Old Man Wizard, whose “rock” label isn’t only for show, but is also here to debunk everyone who’s pretending that they are.

Azoora: A Thousand Ways EP

Almost a year after John Purcell from Azoora recorded the very loved EP "Apart" together with sweet voiced Graciellita, a new jewel from the full band was released in collaboration with the label. Slightly moving away from trip-hop and their electronic sounds, this time around Azoora presents a darker, more indie, post-rock, psychedelic release. It's titled "A Thousand Ways EP" and, surpassing all expectations, it could just be the bands best work to date.

Antoine Reverb: A Revolt of Sorts

If you ever want a record to keep you company while you're down in the low, then A Revolt of Sorts might just be your compilation. It's not so much that it will lift your spirits or maybe depress you even more, but it's more like a quiet companion that patiently waits for you to get over whatever it is you're morosing about. The songs they play are a mix of eclectic sounds that sort of float around you. Antoine Reverb is a five-piece crew from Guadalajara, Mexico. The band plays folk rock with a psychedelic and shoegaze touch. Although the band is still relatively unknown, their music has been slowly making the rounds. In fact, they're slated to play at SXSW 2012.

Go Home Robot “Candles and Bombs” – psychedelic pop/rock mixed to perfection with electronica

High-octane, intricate and frenzied - these are the best words to describe "Candles and Bombs", Go Home Robot's first ever album. The album is a polished mix of psychedelia, rock, pop, and electronica, with a healthy dash of mad experimentation that gives Go Home Robot a style that's truly their own. On top of that, these guys from Arlington, VA know how to make love to their instruments and you can feel their passion in every song of this - dare I say it? - work of art. If you're sick of bands who can't play a guitar to save their lives, now is a good time to listen to people who seriously know their stuff.