Get ready to pack your bags and sunnies as Turtles, Magnets, Animals EP pays homage to the season of sea, sand, and uneven tan lines.

Pushing the boundaries of harmonic rock, this five-track collection is Sunbeam Rd.’s first official release. Hailing from the Bay Area, Sunbeam Rd. is a four-piece band that’s dedicated to create a sort of fuzzy trance in their melodic rock songs.

Experience a piece of bliss in the opening track Waves, which is teeming with lush spaced-out jams that are perfect for chillin’ and relaxing. The song has a strong recall long after it has been played, leaving you in a relaxed, positive mood all throughout the day.

In Burial, the band experiments with periodic loud beats and extending siren-sounding tunes to create a dangerously addictive piece that’s both edgy and atmospheric. House of Boats, on the other hand, utilizes grungy thick riffs and reverbs to craft a haunting rock piece.


Someone said that a true measure of a good song is its ability to transport you to places and trigger past memories, and Turtles, Magnets, Animals EP does that effortlessly. Whether it’s a day out on the beach or a solitary walk under the moonlight, the five songs in this track assure the listeners a ticket to their ideal musical destinations.

Track List:
1. Waves
2. Burial
3. House Boats
4. Sleepwalk
5. Grue

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