22 year old beat-maker Moderator, from Greece, makes some of the most eclectic instrumental hip-hop in the underground scene. With a body of work spanning nine albums, the artist is dedicated and constantly experimenting with sounds and styles. On his latest album, The World Within, he teams up with London-based label, Cult Classic Records, to create a quick yet breathtaking sonic safari.

The World Within is an arresting assortment of trip-hop, jazz, funk and rap – a goody-bag of the things Moderator loves. His admiration for mavericks like J Dilla and DJ Shadow makes itself strikingly evident at many moments, and he also harbors a fondness for jazz. However, the artist takes the greatest care to ensure that each track is as distinct from the others as possible. Opener Bind You To My Spell features a dark, musty ambiance and seems right out of the soundtrack of a noir film. It Wasn’t For You, on the other hand, hits us with an unadulterated dose of smooth jazz while Vasai-Virar aims to be exotic, with its middle-eastern influences.

Favorite Tracks: Bind You To My Spell, Harlem River, It Wasn’t For You

Track List
1. Bind You To My Spell (ft Jeanette Robertson & Witness) 03:19
2. Harlem River 03:53
3. Words Remain 03:27
4. Almost There 03:10
5. It Wasn’t For You 02:47
6. I’m Sorry I’m Lost 03:00
7. Vasai-Virar 04:07
8. Locked In A Feeling (ft Nieve) 02:41
9. Space Vandals 03:22

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