Discover a new kind of jazz in Shoshana Bush & Friends Live at Catalina Jazz Club.

Armored with her West coast sensibility, Shoshana Bush is a jazz and blues vocalist that connects the beauty of music and the city. With renditions influences by Nina Simone, Blossom Dearie, and Ahmad Jamal, the young jazz artist creates her own arrangements based on instincts and her passion for multi-genre music.

The album opens up with a sweet rendition of Billie Holiday’s The Man I Love. Shoshana mystifies with her superior and imaginative play of tones. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, casts the perfect lounge vibe as steady musical arrangement makes the perfect backdrop for late night dinners.

Close your eyes and let Trouble In Mind sooth your senses with the singer’s soothing and earthy delivery. I love how she perfectly belts and tones down at the right places. The quirky combo of piano keys and saxophone is a pleasant surprise as it breaks the slow, downtempo of the first part.


Get ready for some slow dancing as Since I Fell For You closes the album. Piano solos complements the soulful vocals.

In Shoshana Bush & Friends Live at Catalina Jazz Club, the jazz and blues singer has evoked unknown emotions hidden deep within our cores. Using her sweet renditions, she has created a new appreciation for jazz music.

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