For lazy Sunday nights, a good pop-rock spin is all you need, and in shades of red and blue. (Loving him was red?)

My Red & Blue, the project of 22-year-old, newbie Nashville local Ben Eggebrecht, is set to make hearts aflutter by taking everyone through “a colorful palette of youth, nostalgia, and summertime” — basically, a whole big bowl of fun.

Ben’s debut EP, The Start, is a five-track collection of radio-friendly tunes that could give his contemporaries a run for their hard-earned iTunes sales, if given the right push.

The sass starts right away with “Never Gonna Be Mine,” a declaration of romantic defeat set to alluring Owl City-ish vocals and infectious melodies.

He sure did his homework, as the subsequent tracks are also ripe for the picking: “Feel Like Falling” is a concert arena anthem waiting to happen for the younger set (read: 1D fans), while “Color” is a standard-issue The Script composition.

If he keeps this up, millions of tweens will be lining up for his shows in the near future.

Track listing:
1. Never Gonna Be Mine
2. Feel Like Falling
3. Color
4. What Are You Waiting For
5. Learn to Be Lonely

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