“Our purpose is to inspire you… Inspire you to love, to connect, think different, to challenge the status quo, and to demand the truth” the official website of Mercury & The Architects says about them. They call themselves the “resurrection of Rock N’ Roll” and as start to their plan to “inspire the world like never before”, the group gives us a genre-blending 5-track EP.


Tonight, for example. Initially featuring a lone warm piano, the track only brings in its foot-thumping electronic melody when it doesn’t meddle with the rest of the instrumentation and keeps the song’s coherence intact. The track continues with similar natural transitions.

TJ Mercury’s lyricism gives us plenty of quotable lines. “Some people happy they’re land-owners when they’re living in sheds/Some people live like stock-brokers but live alone without friends” he raps on Philosophy of Hope. While many may be left inspired by these philosophical ramblings on love, success, and contentment; some may find them preachy and even cheesy after a while. But TJ’s potential as a gifted lyricist is something that cannot be denied.

Favorite Track: Tonight


Track List
1. Tonight
2. Philosophy of Hope
3. Poets and the Beast
4. Life We Found
5. The Architect

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