X Beats is a puzzle game, but developer Notes17 has changed things up by combining elements of music in it. What this game does is provide you with an engaging way to learn music theory, playing an instrument and other stuff associated with music. It’s a game all right, but it’s also an educational app.

With X Beats’ many puzzles, you’ll learn how music theory works, how to read notes and the different sounds they make. Every level made up of a virtually empty grid, and your goal is to fill it up according to the note values to get the desired amount. As you might expect from a puzzle game, the early levels are easy, as you just need to match four beats.

However, things get more challenging in the succeeding levels, and that’s all right since you’re playing this game to learn about music notes and theory anyway. Keep in mind though, that this isn’t a simple puzzle game you can walk over. You need to concentrate to advance, but there are some hints included to help you out.

Those hints can help since they highlight the number that each beat symbolizes, but it can only go so far. Now if you really want to get challenged, there’s Challenge Mode where your music theory skills will be tested. This is one of the few educational apps that manage to successfully include the gaming element.

X Beats doesn’t have expansion packs or power ups, and it isn’t flashy. However, it excels as a game while managing to be educational at the same time.

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