NeonPlat2 is a colorful and slightly psychedelic platformer. Created by Jayenkai, it’s actually an update from last year’s version. This one does feel brand new though, with great graphics and much more coherent gameplay. They’ve also incorporated a co-op version so you and your friends can easily play at the same time.

In the game, you find yourself bouncing, or better yet,  falling off platforms that are floating through space. You can only complete a level if you “fall” and color all of the  white \platforms. Along the way, you collect balls, take down enemies and even collect energy balls. The game can be fun and addicting to play. It also carries some serious HD graphics which add to the already enjoyable gameplay.

Playing the game is actually quite simple. You need to maneuver your way through ever single white platform that comes up and paint it into a different color. The platforms are in constant motion so you have to be quick. When you fall off the last platform at the bottom, you start again from the top.

To help make it interesting, you’ll come across tons of enemies as you try and complete the task. You can throw balls at them or you can also just jump and squash most of them that you encounter. You can also gain several special abilities depending on the power- ups that you manage to get.

The game is quite exciting to play. Of course, there are times when the goal seems repetitive; nevertheless, it’s a good way to test out your reflexes.  Perhaps the biggest draw for this game is that you can gather 4 friends with you and play together. This takes away from the monotony of the game and ultimately show you how this little platformer can bring you all smiles.

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