All adrenaline junkies, its time to rev up your machines and hit the road. Racing Moto-High has arrived to burn the Android device screens. An app with an average rating of 4.4 on the Android Market – you really cannot go wrong with this one.

Coming straight from DroidHen games, a developer with quite a handful of Android titles under it’s belt; Racing Moto nails it with its fast-paced action in an easy-to-play format. The graphics of the game are something to really talk about, with multiple in-game options making the game very interesting.

The game relies on the axis of the device. Basically, you are a baddie on a fast bike with the sole-motive to zip through city-traffic at the highest attainable speed possible. Game-play is fairly simple, with directions being controlled by tilting the device left or right, and acceleration takes place by tapping the screen. So no rocket-science as far as controls are concerned.

Your score is determined on the speed of your vehicle. So the faster you go, the better is the score you garner. What about obstacles? Well, no game is complete without its fare share of difficulties. Racing Moto-High Players have to look out for the vehicle indicators. Like real-life situation, if your overtake a vehicle from the left hand-side and the vehicle turns left, the game is over.

Overall, the game is quite addictive and users have given it quite a positive feedback. Give it a try; a free game with hours of addictive and fun times awaits.

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