Disney Villains Challenge is one of Disney’s latest releases, and it offers plenty for gamers, kids and the young at heart. There are free and paid version versions, but the free one has plenty to offer and will keep you and the kids happy, as there’s a bit of something for everyone here.

Disney Villains Challenge will have you going up against some of Disney’s most popular villains. The free version of the game features three villains and goes through half a dozen activities, offering plenty of options. The controls are very simple, and it won’t take long until you learn them.

While the game is intended for kids, even adults will find it enjoyable and engaging thanks to the smooth graphics and clear sound. Also the games are quite challenging. Regardless which of the mini games you decide to play, it is timed and you’ll need to finish the objective before the timer runs out.

The mini games won’t have you twisting hair just to complete them, but they’re going to give kids something to work on. If you lose three of the mini games, it’s game over, so you need to be sharp. While it’s fun to play on your own, you can also keep tabs on what’s going on with other players at Game Center.

Overall, Disney Villains Challenge is a very good game that will appeal to a lot of people. If you love Disney movies, you’ll enjoy this one. The games are well made, and the free Maleficent mini game makes it even more enticing.

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