After making waves with albums such as Idiot Heart and Buoy, Carsie Blanton once again graces the FrostClick scene with Not Old, Not New—a collection of New Orleans-based singer/songwriter’s favorite jazz songs from the 20th century.

Laced with sultry, slow records, this eleven-track collection is designed to serenade the ears for late-night dinner parties and rendezvous. Opening track Azalea embraces jazz and lounge with soothing saxophone melodies that’s perfect for slow dancing. Carsie’s sweet yet sharp vocals sways the ears and relaxes the soul.

Laziest Gal in Town features a lovely ensemble between guitars and jazz instruments. The rich, dense jazz arrangement is lightly contrasted by the vibrant spring of the guitar. Open a bottle of wine after a long day and just enjoy the evening while the gentleness of this piece lull you to sleep.

In You Don’t Know What Love Is, Carsie delivers some melancholic lines along with piano keys that leisurely swims through luscious melodies. While title track Not Old, Not New wraps up the album in a medley of heartfelt and sweet melodies. Listen as the singer/songwriter delivers a saccharine track adorned with a simple and pristine acoustic setup.


Not Old, Not New is a wonderful collection that touches the heart and relaxes the soul. Whether you’re a Carsie Blanton fan, a jazz aficionado, or just someone who’s looking for relaxing tunes, this album is perfect for you.

Track List:
1. Azalea
2. Laziest Gal in Town
3. Heavenly Thing
4. Two Sleepy People
5. You Don’t Know What Love Is
6. What Is This Thing Called Love?
7. Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?
8. Sweet Lorraine
9. Don’t Come Too Soon
10. I’ll Be Seeing You
11. Not Old, Not New

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