Carsie Blanton: Not Old, Not New

After making waves with albums such as Idiot Heart and Buoy, Carsie Blanton once again graces the FrostClick scene with Not Old, Not New—a collection of New Orleans-based singer/songwriter’s favorite jazz songs from the 20th century.

Fall Walk Run: Piece by Piece

Ready to fill-up that folk acoustic craving? Fall Walk Runs Piece by Piece is texture, timbre, and fun molded into one outstanding collection. Hailing from Wolverhampton, UK, Fall Walk Run is an indie musical duo comprising of Stuart Eaves and Lawrence Harvey.

Aaron Kaufman: Origami

Aaron Kaufman returns on the FrostClick scene with Origami, a five-track album jam-packed with funky acoustic melodies. Unlike his previous album Hello, Dear EP which was also featured here, the 20-year old singer/songwriter from Houston gives us the same boy-next-door charm but with an edgier approach. With rock guitar play-ups and drum-induced arrangement, Kaufman unravels his musical maturity as he stretches out beyond conventional acoustic rhytms.

Derek Clegg: Across Town

Making his 5th appearance here at the Frostclick blog, Derek Clegg is back with his sixth official release. Across Town is a 12-track record from the master of acoustic folk pop. Like most of his previous albums, it resonates with a cozy feel that makes you think of heartfelt folk pop songs you can easily play on your guitar on a lazy afternoon. With several great quality compilations in tow, it's hard to believe that Derek remains independent. A one-man band manning the songwriting, recording, and producing of his records; the guy is one tough act to follow. Some of his previous releases include It Seems As Though, Beautiful World, Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and KJC.

Smarton Trio +1 Remixes

In need for some more than chilled sounds to spice up your weekend? If so you are in on a little treat from our friends in Budapest. Smarton Trio +1 Remixes released by Budabeats Netlabel in March of this year is a great compilation of remixes of the jazzy band Smarton Trio by some of the Hungary's best DJs around, including M.W.D., Suhov, Dermot, JumoDaddy, Savages y Suefo, Ba10+Bal, and Franco Mento.