We just can’t get enough of Carsie Blanton‘s sweet music. Her new album, Idiot Heart is like a tasteful dessert that melts in your mouth.

The Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter flawlessly blends country and pop music in this ten-track release. Compared to her first album Buoy, Idiot Heart offers a more upbeat vibe.

Blanton’s passion and conviction to her music shines through in this collection. Smoke Alarm immediately charms the listener with funky guitar strings. Her soulful voice is a perfect contrast to the upbeat rhythm.

Together Too Long keeps one foot, or at least a couple toes, in the pop machine. This tasteful track reveals bouncy harmonies and the sensibility of a modern woman.

Unleashing some surprisingly jazzy tunes, Backseat flirts like a teenage love affair. The singer’s approach to songwriting is a product of the transparent times. The verses are not so poetically deep but manages to touch a bigger audience.

Little Death reveals a sensitive issue about violence. The lines such as “he hit her like an avalanche/he hit her like the plague” are chill-inducing. It’s an acoustic lullaby that delves on a heavier subject.

Title track Idiot Heart goes back to the upbeat folk sensibility. Accompanied by a pinch of strings and ukulele, she delivers a lovely track that’s full of energy and hipness.

Conquering the slower territory, Honest Truth is a gentle closing piece that digs up about painful love.

Idiot Heart hooks the listeners with an honest, innocent and raw confession on love. Blanton lays claim to emotional wounds and regrets, turning them into bittersweet melodies.

All in all, Carsie Blanton has crafted a rock-solid album that’s not afraid to touch a softer spot.

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