Having the gift to play quite a number of musical instruments, the singer-songwriter from Athens, Georgia surely has a lot to offer in the waning genre of Rock Hop n Roll. His music style can be described as eccentric, dynamic, as well as piano-centric matched with pop songwriting and lyrics.

Demonstrations is driven by energetic rhythms with unusual chords and progressions. Monotone is as ironic as the title can be since it has a very catchy vocal melody and several accompaniments that make this track as polyphonic as it can be.

Speaking Loudly is an emotionally charged cut supported by Woodward’s nasal accent and arduous guitar strumming. The Morrow is very much intimate and features heavy piano improvisations that can be described as nothing less than acrobatic.

Lastly, Thanks For Your Time sums up the various things this four track compilation has to offer from the creative wordplay of T.S. Woodward to the underlying story that the song convey all throughout.

This is a must listen for anyone who wants a break from the standard indie piano genre because Demonstrations suggests a more psychedelic theme with a touch of pop rock ragadelia.

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