With a lot of indie bands popping up, listeners are presented a variety of choice but somehow, most of them sound a bit identical. But Forth Wanderers stands out from the indie block because of their ability to craft songs that swims beneath the surface.

Hailing from New Jersey, Forth Wanderers consists of Ava Trilling (vocals), Ben Guterl (guitar), Luke Greene (guitar), Noah Schifrin (bass), and Zach Lorelli (drums). Mahogany is their second set released last November. The album is quite short clocking in at three tracks, but rest assured that it does not fall short on quality and composition.

Paws welcomes the ears with slow rock musings consisting of riffs and textured electric guitars. Hypnotic, layered vocals transcends seamlessly to the ears. This is a catchy tune ideal for chilling out.

In Caramel Emotion, we are treated with a sublime concoction of jazzy drums and languorously expressive vocals. The Forth Wandered really hit up something amazingly unique. The guitars, while subtle and steady here, are important and present as they tie the whole piece into an organic whole.

Sip Neigh closes the album in fresh, upbeat indie pop. Listen how each instrument equally contributes their part in the arrangement, creating powerful and gripping melodies.

Forth Wanderer‘s sound pulses beautiful, pristine sound that’s both energized and calming. What sets this group apart is its ability to combine old trends and unique touches to present well-loved tunes in a fresh, new look.

Mahogany is a wholeheartedly recommended collection for those looking for groundbreaking music. This album offers playlist-friendly sounds that elicit repeats.

Track List:
1. Paws
2. Caramel Emotion
3. Sip Neigh

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