Stylusboy is a UK duo made up of Steve Jones and Rachel Grisedale. The duo creates enchanting folk music that echoes the beauty of a quiet day on the English countryside. Armed with an acoustic guitar and gorgeous vocal harmony, they bring in a sense of calmness with their tracks.

Session for the Heilewelt contains a set of tracks, recorded for Dorte Heilewelt, a music blog from Germany that are fans of the band’s sound. They recorded the compilation at Steve’s front room and are offering the compilation as a free download over at their BandCamp page.

The live session contains 6-tracks in a beautiful acoustic folk style. Expect to hear dreamy melodies and great vocal harmony from the duo.

Although each track has its special touch, make sure to check out their cover of, It Must Be Love from Camden ska band, Madness. They’ve slowed it down considerably and transformed it into a sweet, acoustic pop cut that’s simply charming.


Left To Hide, is another cut that shouldn’t be missed if you’re going through the EP. It is quiet and filled with a relaxing and reflective mood. This is one of the best tracks that capture the duo’s special touch.

The album is definitely made for those who love mellow acoustic folk music. You’ll find it as great company for those more reflective afternoons. Take a listen and make sure to grab the download. It should be worth it.

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