Corrigan is a Brighton, UK based band that delivers a host of uptempo power pop tracks in the vein of bands like Boys Like Girls and The Getup Kids.

The group does its best to deliver an enjoyable pop punk album that swirls with guitars, fast drumming, whiny singing and catchy melodies.

’94 and Before is a set of 11 tracks released for free over at Death to False Hope Record. This is the debut record for the band and it looks like they have a bright future ahead of them.

Corrigan can easily become anybody’s guilty pleasure. The Brighton band creates lively and catchy tracks that easily urge you to tap your feet or bob your head. The band is made up of members coming from various successful bands like  Break The Habit, Los Mendozas, The Lovesicks and Random Heroes.

Influenced by various pop punk bands, their catchy and energetic songs provide a testament to their love for the genre. ’94 and Before contains tracks that are very enjoyable. You’ll find yourself grooving to Hey Kathy, and maybe singing back the chorus after awhile. Ferris Beuller is another happy song that’s obviously dedicated to the official “slacker,” Ferris Beuller, while Get it Right, is an easy favorite thanks to the steady rhythm and just an overall fun beat.

Even if you’re not completely sold on power pop, you’ll find something to enjoy in this record. Take a listen and show your appreciation by downloading the entire album. You can also help out the band by donating through Death to False Hope Records. Enjoy!

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