Toussaint Morrison once again drops a bomb with the release of his final mixtape before dabbing his hands in creating a solo album consisting of all new original material.

Together with brilliant producer Dr. Wylie, the Minneapolis-raised artist presents Edo, a 20-track mixtape that emerges from the strong points of Morrison and Wylie’s previous mixtape, Fast Times At Trillmont High, which made waves last year with 10,000+ downloads and a number 17 spot on CMJ’s Hip-Hop Top 50 for 2013.

Seconds upon pressing play and you will surely know that you are not your typical hip-hop ride. In the opening track, A 2nd Devil, Morrison surprises our ears with unexpected musical arrangements that veer away from traditional boom-bap beats. The artist lets us bask in an amalgamation of gospel-tinged vocals while flawlessly transitioning to rhythmic hip-hop verses delivered along guitar riffs and soul musings.

Origins, which features a soliloquy of Japanese lines set on an atmospheric ensemble, acts as a prelude to the third track, Tokugawa Nights. Meanwhile, Tokugawa Nights balances the staggering spaciousness of Origins with intensified lyrical narratives and sharp-edged electro tunes.

In New Orleans Swim Team, Morrison dismisses hip-hop gimmicks and creates an adept combination of solid, booming beats and intense, heavy rapping. While Several Degrees Of Death showcases Morrison’s experimentation as lush r&b tunes envelopes an electro arrangement with hints of classical instrumentation.

For those seeking for something new while enjoying the comforts of familiar hip-hop beats, Edo is the perfect album that encapsulates an ever-changing genre to satiate the demand of originality and individuality.

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Track List:
1. A 2nd Devil
2. Origins
3. Tokugawa Nights
4. Darkside Imperials
5. Jarvis
6. New Orleans Swim Team
7. GameShark Tank
8. NightFort
9. Several Degrees Of Death
10. Kolvoord Starburst
11. Villain With A Thousand Faces
12. Running Down The Hallway (feat. Sodey)
13. Infinity War Vet
14. Equity
15. Romancing The Shogunate
16. Casey Jones’n
17. Hailey Says You’re Out
18. LeTron Brains
19. Stone Cold Revival
20. Chase Your Bliss

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