Add some zing in your playlist with Foxy Shazam‘s fifth album, GONZO. The Cincinnati-based band of Eric Nally, Sky White, Daisy, Loren Turner, Alex Nauth, and Aaron McVeigh put their own spin on garage rock, adding some fun and classic 70s’ flair to such a ragged genre.

Title-track Gonzo welcomes the ears with textured riffs and beats that slowly transcend to a surprising blend of horn infusions. The jazzy horns add a flair of soul to the piece, making it more accessible to both garage and non-garage listeners.

In Poem Pathetic, the band utilizes rich saxophone hooks that swim effortlessly in classic rock vocals reminiscent of the ’70s. Amp up your volume and let this raw, energy-filled piece fill the room.


Have The Fun catches the listener’s attention with periodic drumbeats coupled with crispy riffs. While Story Told closes the collection in a slow, pristine piece that’s embellished with falsettos and back-up vocals, slowly building into a celebration of pure garage rock in the middle.

In this album, Fozy Shazam gives fans and new listeners nine polished and artful pieces that are stripped with the theatricals and layered production, but still captures the heart in classic rock style.

Track List:
1. Gonzo
2. Poem Pathetic
3. Brutal Truth
4. Tragic Thrill
5. Have The Fun
6. Shoe Box
7. Don’t Give In
8. In This Life
9. Story Told

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