Across Tundras is an American band whose sound is heavily filled with psychedelic americana rock influences. The band is composed of T.G. Olson (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Organ), Shannon Murphy (Vocals) and Brandon Rich (Drums) and Home Free is just one of their many albums available for download on BandCamp.

Home Free includes four songs. “When We Were All One” is a smooth tune to start with pleasant sounds and a delicate voice in the background accompanying the melody. In the next song, “No Roads In Any Direction”, the sounds intensify a little more but not to the point of losing its pleasant way. The whole album is definitely recommended to put as background for a quiet party during which you can talk and yet get distracted by music.

Track List:
1. When We Were All One
2. No Roads In Any Direction
3. Fixin’
4. Shine For You


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